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Bring clarity to a world full of gray...
Does it take several minutes for you to explain your product or service to customers? Then it's probably just right for us!
TallPyne Research & Consulting understands these products well.
We have been working with products & services with lots of intangible qualities for over 20 years. It's where we grew our marketing & research skills. It's like home to us.

We use a "different by design"
approach. We like to help companies introduce (or reintroduce) products & services to the marketplace based upon solid market research. We discover which product differences add real market value. Because, being just a little different in just the right way helps your product stand out from the crowd. And, isn't that what it's all about?

Contact TallPyne to see what we could do for your product or service.
It's tough when you're dealing with something that is not a commodity -- isn't it? It's often easier to compete solely on specifications with commodity products. But, what if your product is different in ways that are less tangible?
Updated: 04-03-2012
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